10 Dividend Gems for Passive Income in April 2024

10 Dividend Gems for Passive Income in April 2024
10 Dividend Gems for Passive Income in April 2024

10 Prime Dividend Stocks for Passive Income in April 2024

For passive income seekers, dividend stocks offer a reliable stream of income. Motley Fool contributor Parkev Tatevosian has identified 10 exceptional dividend-paying companies that investors can consider adding to their portfolios in April 2024.

Top Dividend Picks

  1. AbbVie (ABBV): A pharmaceutical giant with a strong dividend yield of 4.7%.
  2. Altria Group (MO): A tobacco company with a consistent dividend history and a yield of 6.5%.
  3. Chevron (CVX): An energy major with a solid dividend yield of 4.1%.
  4. Home Depot (HD): A home improvement retailer with a dividend yield of 2.8%.
  5. Nike (NKE): A sportswear powerhouse with a dividend yield of 1.3%.
  6. Starbucks (SBUX): A global coffeehouse chain with a dividend yield of 2.7%.
  7. Target (TGT): A discount retailer with a dividend yield of 3.4%.
  8. Visa (V): A payment technology company with a dividend yield of 0.9%.
  9. Walt Disney (DIS): An entertainment and media giant with a dividend yield of 1.4%.
  10. Xylem (XYL): A water technology company with a dividend yield of 2.5%.

Considerations for Investors

When selecting dividend stocks, investors should consider the company's financial health, dividend growth potential, and the sustainability of its dividend payments. It's important to note that dividend yields can fluctuate depending on market conditions and company performance. Additionally, investors should diversify their portfolio to

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