40 Years of Ghostbusting: Hasbro's Epic Commemorative Line

40 Years of Ghostbusting: Hasbro's Epic Commemorative Line
40 Years of Ghostbusting: Hasbro's Epic Commemorative Line

Hasbro's Commemorative Ghostbusters Line

To mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic Ghostbusters franchise, Hasbro has unveiled a special line of 3.75-inch action figures and a retro-styled Ecto-1.

Action Figures

The o-ring-style figures, reminiscent of Hasbro's GI Joe line, capture the likeness of the beloved Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore. Each figure comes equipped with an attachable Proton Pack, Ecto Goggles, PKE Meter, and Ghost Trap.


The Ectomobile's design remains largely unchanged from Hasbro's previous Ghostbusters: Afterlife Plasma Series release. However, it features a new livery that echoes the original 1984 design and a removable gurney that can accommodate the figures' Proton Packs. Other notable differences include the absence of Afterlife's gunner seat and RTV deployment door.


Both the action figures and the Ecto-1 will be available in conjunction with this year's Ghostbusters Day celebration on June 8th. Pricing and additional details will be announced closer to the release date.

Retro-Style Design

The retro-styled Ecto-1 evokes the classic vehicle from the original Ghostbusters film. Its attention to detail is evident in its vintage livery, accurate decals, and removable accessories.

Collector's Value

These commemorative Ghostbusters items are sure to delight collectors and fans alike. The action figures capture the spirit of the beloved characters, while the Ecto-1 offers a nostalgic nod to the iconic vehicle. Together, they form a captivating collectible line that celebrates the enduring legacy of Ghostbusters.

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