AI's Growing Energy Appetite: Tech Giants Chart a Sustainable Course

AI's Growing Energy Appetite: Tech Giants Chart a Sustainable Course
AI's Growing Energy Appetite: Tech Giants Chart a Sustainable Course

Tech Companies Address Looming AI Energy Demand

Driving the News:

  • Salesforce released suggestions for sustainable AI, including disclosure of environmental impact and energy efficiency standards for AI-driven tech companies.
  • Exowatt raised $20 million to combine solar thermal tech and thermal battery systems for data center deployment.


Tech companies are exploring strategies to manage AI's growing power demand, including:

  • Buying data centers near nuclear power plants
  • Investigating pumped hydro storage for AI energy support
  • Investing in clean electricity for data centers

Salesforce's Perspective:

Salesforce Director, Climate & Energy Megan Lorenzen emphasizes the role of regulation and incentives in promoting AI for environmental sustainability.


Tech companies are implementing creative measures to address the challenges of meeting AI's energy demand while prioritizing clean energy solutions.

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