AMD's Open-Source Extravaganza: More Software and Hardware on the Way

AMD's Open-Source Extravaganza: More Software and Hardware on the Way
AMD's Open-Source Extravaganza: More Software and Hardware on the Way

After recently announcing plans to release Micro-Engine Scheduler (MES) firmware documentation and open-source code, AMD said they would open-source more of their software stack and hardware documentation.

On Sunday, AMD posted on Twitter:

"We appreciate the open source interest in Radeon. We’re on track to release MES documentation late May followed by source code. Additional parts of the Radeon stack to be open sourced throughout the year. GitHub has the latest on fixes, release dates."

AMD also continues pointing to the nod-ai/fuzzyHSA GitHub repository as the resource for fixes and more information on these efforts.

Beyond the MES firmware documentation/code, it will be interesting to see what more AMD open sources throughout 2024, whether it be firmware or other components to complement their existing open-source Linux kernel graphics/compute driver stack from the open AMDGPU/AMDKFD kernel drivers up through all of their user-space bits.

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