Android 15 Unveils Private Oasis, Anti-Theft Shield, and Enhanced Media

Android 15 Unveils Private Oasis, Anti-Theft Shield, and Enhanced Media
Android 15 Unveils Private Oasis, Anti-Theft Shield, and Enhanced Media

Android 15 Introduces Private Space, Theft Detection, and AV1 Support

Android 15 Beta 2 is now available for Pixels and select third-party devices.

Private Space:

  • Keeps sensitive apps hidden and protected with additional authentication.
  • Uses a separate profile with isolated data, ensuring privacy from non-private apps.
  • Pauses apps when the Private Space is locked, preventing notifications.

Theft Detection Lock:

  • Automatically locks the phone when it detects suspicious motion, such as sudden snatching.

Always-On Taskbar:

  • Adds a taskbar to the tablet UI, providing quick access to recent and favorite apps.
  • Supports split-screen-view shortcuts.


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