Andy Enfield's ACC Ambition Fuels SMU's Rise to Hoops Greatness

Andy Enfield's ACC Ambition Fuels SMU's Rise to Hoops Greatness
Andy Enfield's ACC Ambition Fuels SMU's Rise to Hoops Greatness

Andy Enfield's Arrival in Dallas: Driven by ACC Ambition

Andy Enfield, the former coach of the University of Southern California (USC), has taken the helm at Southern Methodist University (SMU) with a clear motivation: the Mustangs' impending move to the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

"We were extremely happy at USC," Enfield confessed, "but we wouldn't be here if SMU wasn't moving to the ACC." The ACC, renowned for its basketball prowess, presents an irresistible opportunity for Enfield, who has a proven track record of success at both Florida Gulf Coast and USC.

Building a Legacy in Dallas

Enfield's goal is to establish a winning program at SMU, a task made more challenging by the school's 36-year NCAA tournament drought. However, Enfield believes in the talent and potential of the players already on the roster, as well as the ability to attract top recruits and transfers.

"Building anything is difficult," Enfield acknowledged, "but we're committed to developing our players and filling the roster with talent. Over time, we can build a successful program in this great city."

Embracing the ACC Challenge

The ACC, with its 18 basketball teams, provides a daunting but exciting challenge for SMU. The league's three Elite Eight appearances this year, including NC State's victory over Duke, underscore the level of competition Enfield will face.

Enfield is undeter

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