Animoca Brands: Nurturing Web3 Growth in the Land of the Rising Sun

Animoca Brands: Nurturing Web3 Growth in the Land of the Rising Sun
Animoca Brands: Nurturing Web3 Growth in the Land of the Rising Sun

Animoca Brands' Commitment to Web3 Growth in Japan

Animoca Brands, through its Japanese subsidiary, is dedicated to fostering the growth of the Web3 market and brand in the region. A key initiative in this effort is the upcoming launch of Nine Chronicles M NFT pieces on April 3, 2024, via Coincheck NFT.

These NFTs, known as D:CC (De: Centralized Cat), can be utilized as profile pictures, in-game items, or exchanged for tokens. The goal is to support the global expansion of Japanese intellectual property and content within the Web3 ecosystem, leveraging the high demand for Japanese culture, particularly manga, games, and anime.

Animoca Brands Japan has also pledged sponsorship to Blowfish Studios, enabling NFT sales for Phantom Galaxies on the αU marketplace. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between Japan and the global Web3 community.

Despite challenges such as language barriers and unique regulations, Japan remains a promising destination for Web3 innovation. Animoca Brands believes in supporting local entities to overcome these obstacles and unlock the potential of Web3 in the region.

A total of 300 D:CC NFTs will be available on Coincheck NFT, requiring users to create an account and possess sufficient ETH. The expected selling price is around 0.06 ETH, equivalent to approximately $200 at current market rates.

Animoca Brands Japan's efforts are part of a broader strategy to facilitate the expansion of overseas Web3 projects into Japan. The company provides assistance with localization, partnership facilitation, and other support services.

Japan's growing interest in blockchain technology and decentralized applications makes it an ideal hub for Web3 innovation. Animoca Brands is committed to playing a key role in developing and fostering the Web3 ecosystem in the region.

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