Aptos and Cosmos Investors Flock to Pushd's Presale for Retail Revolution

Aptos and Cosmos Investors Flock to Pushd's Presale for Retail Revolution
Aptos and Cosmos Investors Flock to Pushd's Presale for Retail Revolution

Pushd's E-Commerce Presale Draws Strong Demand from Aptos and Cosmos Investors

Aptos and Cosmos, two prominent blockchain tokens, have experienced recent market declines. As a result, their investors are exploring alternative investment opportunities in Pushd's e-commerce presale.

Aptos: Bearish Sentiment and Sell Signal

Aptos has dropped over 35% in the last 30 days. Technical indicators suggest a bearish trend, with a sell signal from the MACD and high selling pressure.

Cosmos: Strong Sell Signal and Consolidation

Cosmos is trading at $8.3, down 25% over the past month. Its RSI and MACD indicators both indicate a strong sell signal.

Pushd: A Decentralized Retail Revolution

Pushd aims to transform the retail industry with its decentralized marketplace. This concept has attracted investors from Aptos and Cosmos.

Presale Opportunities and Benefits

Pushd is currently in stage 6 of its presale, with tokens priced at $0.144. Investors recognize the potential for significant gains by investing early in a promising project.

Additionally, Pushd offers:

  • A debit card for direct spending
  • A 0% commission crypto swap service
  • A rewards program for completing tasks
  • A 20-year liquidity lock

These features demonstrate Pushd's strong potential and commitment to growth.

Investors interested in participating in the presale can sign up here: []

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