AT&T's Massive Data Leak Exposes Millions to Identity Theft

AT&T's Massive Data Leak Exposes Millions to Identity Theft
AT&T's Massive Data Leak Exposes Millions to Identity Theft

AT&T Data Leak Impacts Millions of Customers

AT&T has confirmed a data breach affecting over 73 million current and former customers. The leaked data includes sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, and more.

Affected Information

The leaked data may have included:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • AT&T account number
  • Passcode

Notification and Action by AT&T

AT&T is contacting affected customers and resetting passwords for current users. Customers should expect to receive an email or letter from AT&T regarding the incident.

Investigation and Source

AT&T is investigating the breach and has engaged cybersecurity experts. The data appears to have been compromised from a 2019 or earlier dataset. The company has no evidence of unauthorized access to its systems.

Steps to Protect Yourself

  • Check for compromised information: Use to check if your email has been associated with data breaches.
  • Change passwords: Reset passwords for all important accounts (email, banking, social media) on a separate device to avoid keylogging. Use strong and unique passwords.
  • Enable two-factor authentication: Add an extra layer of security to your accounts.
  • Monitor accounts and transactions: Regularly review your financial accounts for suspicious activity. Check c

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