Billionaire McCourt Eyes TikTok Acquisition with Open-Source Vision

Billionaire McCourt Eyes TikTok Acquisition with Open-Source Vision
Billionaire McCourt Eyes TikTok Acquisition with Open-Source Vision

Real estate billionaire Frank McCourt is organizing a bid to buy TikTok, as the app's China-based parent company ByteDance faces down a potential U.S. ban if it doesn't sell the platform within the next year.

McCourt, former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and executive chair of investment firm McCourt Global, said Wednesday that he is putting together a bid for his organization Project Liberty to acquire TikTok “with the goal of placing people and data empowerment at the center of the platform’s design and purpose.”

He is proposing to migrate the popular social media platform to a digital open-source protocol.

“The foundation of our digital infrastructure is broken, and it’s time to fix it,” McCourt said in a statement. “We can, and must, do more to safeguard the health and well-being of our children, families, democracy and society.”

“We see this potential acquisition as an inc

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