Blood Test Rival Falters, Boosting Exact Sciences' Colon Test Dominance

Blood Test Rival Falters, Boosting Exact Sciences' Colon Test Dominance
Blood Test Rival Falters, Boosting Exact Sciences' Colon Test Dominance

Exact Sciences Stock Surges as Rival Colon Cancer Test Falls Short

Exact Sciences (EXAS) stock has risen significantly after the announcement of study results by its colon cancer-screening rival, Freenome. The Freenome test, which uses blood samples, demonstrated comparable specificity to Exact Sciences' stool-based test, Cologuard. However, it exhibited lower sensitivity, particularly in detecting advanced adenomas, which are precursors to colorectal cancer.

Blood Tests Pose Less of a Threat

Analysts have previously expressed concerns that blood-based colon cancer tests could replace stool-based tests. However, the Freenome and Guardant Health results have allayed these fears. Evercore ISI analyst Vijay Kumar believes that the blood-based tests will not cannibalize stool-based tests due to their lower sensitivity in detecting precancerous markers.

Cologuard's Advantage

Exact Sciences' Cologuard retains a significant advantage over blood-based tests in detecting precancerous markers, with a sensitivity 30% higher than its rivals. This superiority has contributed to the recent surge in Exact Sciences stock.

Key Statistics

The Freenome test showed a sensitivity of 79.2% and a specificity of 91.5%, while Exact Sciences' next-generation Cologuard has a sensitivity of 94% and a specificity of 91%. Guardant's Shield test has a sensitivity of 83% and a specificity of 90%.

Exact Sciences' Comeback

After reaching a low of $56.05 in late February, Exact Sciences stock has rebounded, climbing approximately 32% as of Tuesday's close. The positive study results and the

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