Boeing's 2021 Agreement Breach: Potential Criminal Prosecution Looms

Boeing's 2021 Agreement Breach: Potential Criminal Prosecution Looms
Boeing's 2021 Agreement Breach: Potential Criminal Prosecution Looms

DOJ Determines Boeing Violated 2021 Agreement

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has determined that Boeing violated a 2021 agreement stemming from two fatal crashes involving the Boeing 737 Max.

Violation of Agreement

According to the DOJ, Boeing failed to "design, implement, and enforce a compliance and ethics program to prevent and detect violations of the US fraud laws throughout its operations."

Potential Criminal Prosecution

As a result, Boeing faces potential criminal prosecution. The US government is reviewing the matter and has until July 7 to decide whether to initiate proceedings. Boeing has 30 days to respond to the government's notice.

Specific Incidents

While the DOJ filing does not mention specific incidents, it was issued following an incident in January 2024 where a 737 Max 9 experienced an emergency landing due to a door plug being blown off. Boeing also recently acknowledged that workers skipped requi

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