Breakfast Brawl: Burger King Employee Threatened Over Discounted Meal

Breakfast Brawl: Burger King Employee Threatened Over Discounted Meal
Breakfast Brawl: Burger King Employee Threatened Over Discounted Meal

Burger King Employee Threatened with Gun Over Discounted Breakfast

A Burger King employee in Cleveland, Ohio, faced a harrowing experience on Easter Sunday when a customer pointed a gun at him over a breakfast order.

The incident unfolded at a drive-through around 9 a.m. The employee, Howard Vernon, was taking the customer's order when the customer became agitated over the price, claiming it should have been higher.

Vernon explained that there was a promotion offering a discount, but the customer refused to accept it and began swearing. "I don't know what to tell you," Vernon said, "I don't know why you want to pay more money."

The customer left the scene but returned shortly after, pulling up alongside another car at the drive-through window. Surveillance footage captu

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