Build Your Own URL Shortener with the Power of Go

Build Your Own URL Shortener with the Power of Go
Build Your Own URL Shortener with the Power of Go

How to Build a URL Shortener With Go

URL shorteners, such as, are one of the quintessential web apps. They take a long, likely very hard to remember, URL, such as, and shorten it, such as

What's more, we've all likely used them whether we realise it or not, such as indirectly through services such as LinkedIn.

While their capabilities vary, however, at their core they do just two things:

  1. Take a long URL and make it shorter, making it easier to read and share
  2. Track the number of times that URL was clicked on

In this tutorial, you're going to learn how to build one with Go.

How will the application work?

When finished, the app will have three routes:

  1. The first will retrieve a list of all of the shortened URLs sto

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