Caitlin Clark's Superpower Melts Van Lith's Defense into Memes

Caitlin Clark's Superpower Melts Van Lith's Defense into Memes
Caitlin Clark's Superpower Melts Van Lith's Defense into Memes

Hailey Van Lith, the LSU women's basketball guard, faced a formidable challenge in guarding Iowa's superstar, Caitlin Clark, during an Elite Eight game. Despite Van Lith's efforts, Clark's exceptional scoring ability proved unstoppable, leaving Van Lith's defensive attempts futile.

As is often the case in the digital realm, Van Lith's struggles on the court became fodder for internet memes. While acknowledging the difficulty of containing Clark when she is at her best, fans did not spare Van Lith from their comedic scrutiny.

Numerous memes emerged on Twitter, each highlighting the disparity between Clark's dominance and Van Lith's struggles. One meme humorously depicts Clark's effect on Van Lith as a superpower, while another suggests that Van Lith's teammate, Angel Reese, would have been a more effective defender against Clark.

Another meme shows Van Lith's reaction to Clark's long-range shots, suggesting a mix of awe and despair. Similarly, a meme by Oluwajomiloju captures Van Lith's futile attempts to guard Clark, comparing the situation to an unwinnable battle.

The meme-makers spa

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