Cathie Wood's Alternative Picks: Nvidia Out, Block and Roku In

Cathie Wood's Alternative Picks: Nvidia Out, Block and Roku In
Cathie Wood's Alternative Picks: Nvidia Out, Block and Roku In

Top investor Cathie Wood, the founder of ARK Invest, has expressed doubts about the current valuation of semiconductor giant Nvidia. Instead, she has allocated funds to two alternative stocks that she believes offer better value for investors.

Wood's skepticism stems from Nvidia's recent surge in market capitalization, which has made it one of the most valuable companies in the world. She contends that the company's current valuation is unsustainable, given the slowing growth in its key markets and the increasing competition it faces.

Cathie Wood's Picks

In lieu of Nvidia, Wood has shifted her focus to two other stocks:

  • Block (SQ): Wood believes Block, a payment processing and financial services company, is well-positioned to benefit from the growing trend towards digital payments and e-commerce. She also highlights the company's strong management team and innovative products.

  • Roku (ROKU): Roku, a streaming media platform, is another of Wood's favorites. She sees the company as a dominant player in the streaming market, with a large and loyal user base. Additionally, she believes Roku's advertising platform offers significant growth potential.

Wood's decision to favor Block and Roku over Nvidia reflects her belief that the former two companies offer greater long-term growth potential at more attractive valuations.


Cathie Wood's investment strategy is based on her belief in the long-term growth potential of disruptive technologies. While she acknowledges Nvidia's strengths, she believes that Block and Roku are currently better positioned for sustainable growth and value creation for investors.

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