Celo Embraces Optimism: Layer 2 Evolution for Mobile-First Blockchain

Celo Embraces Optimism: Layer 2 Evolution for Mobile-First Blockchain
Celo Embraces Optimism: Layer 2 Evolution for Mobile-First Blockchain

Celo Chooses Optimism for Layer 2 Transition

After an extensive evaluation, Celo, the blockchain development team, has proposed migrating to an Ethereum-based layer 2 network using Optimism's OP Stack.

The decision stems from Celo's belief in the Ethereum ecosystem's strength. The selection process involved evaluating proposals from leading layer 2 providers, including OP Stack, Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync's ZK Stack, and Polygon CDK.

Celo's proposal involves utilizing OP Stack to enhance liquidity sharing, security, and developer experience. The design includes a decentralized sequencer and off-chain data availability solutions.

Celo found OP Stack to best suit their needs, particularly due to its potential compatibility with components from other layer 2 teams.

The choice of OP Stack aligns with its growing popularity. Coinbase and Worldcoin have also recently adopted it for their layer 2 chains.

Celo's transition to Ethereum layer 2 aligns with its mission to improve user experience, particularly by using mobile phone numbers instead of public keys. The platform also offers stable assets for emerging markets, facilitating remittances, savings, lending, and cross-border payments.

By leveraging OP Stack, Celo aims to combine the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem with its focus on mobile-first accessibility and stable assets for users in emerging markets.

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