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Chrysler unveils radical Halcyon EV concept that will redefine the 100-year-old brand


An all-electric Chrysler that can drive itself with “unlimited” range? That’s what Chrysler is showcasing with the new Halcyon EV concept. The sleek sports car features futuristic tech, next-gen batteries, and a new design theme, giving us a glimpse into Chrysler’s all-electric future.

Going beyond minivans

Chrysler is moving in a new direction with the Halcyon EV concept, showing the brand can build more than just minivans. The electric four-door sports car offers a view of what Chrysler aims to look like in the future.

The new EV builds on Chrysler’s previously released concepts, including the Airflow crossover released in 2022 and the Synthesis Cockpit Demonstrator revealed last year.

Although the Airflow was designed to represent “what the future of Chrysler” looks like, according to Stellantis chief designer Ralph Gilles, the Halcyon takes it to another level. Under new CEO Chris Feuell, the brand aimed to improve upon its initial concept.

Gilles confirmed the Airflow was “just the beginning,” and the new Halcyon concept showcases just that.

Chrysler’s leader said the EV concept “brings to life a fully electric tomorrow” with new tech from Stellantis, an updated design, and a connected cockpit.

Chrysler electric Halcyon Concept (Source: Stellantis)

Meet the Chrysler Halcyon EV concept

On Tuesday, Chrysler unveiled the new Halcyon EV concept, a futuristic four-door sports car. It features a “pure” design for enhanced aerodynamics.

The low-riding sporty EV features an air blade pass-through to increase performance and range. Chrysler said the air blade could be seen from the cockpit for a “real-world” connection with the concept’s performance.

The new concept also includes a thin, full-length LED with a new illuminated Chrysler wing logo. Added front air curtains are designed to improve performance.

Chrysler extended the windshield to create a vast, immersive driving experience. The brand’s wing logos on the aero blades light up as you walk toward it, indicating the charge status. A third butterfly-hinged canopy door complements the “red carpet-style” side doors.

The futuristic interior is designed with a nearly 360-degree panoramic view. A 15.6″ infotainment screen that can be stored away adds to the interior’s minimalist feel.

Chrysler electric Halcyon Concept interior (Source: Stellantis)

Chrysler also included an AR head-up display (HUD) that projects info like speed and charge status on the windshield, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

The vehicle’s reverse-yoke-designed steering wheel and pedals can fold away while the front seats can fully retract to create a “zen-like” experience.

Interior materials were designed for sustainability, with crushed CDs used for the steering wheel, front seat inserts, and door sills. An added pass-through from the rear seats allows you to store larger items, like skis or camping equipment.

Emerging Stellantis EV tech

The cockpit includes new tech, such as STLA Brain for OTA updates and Stellantis AI to stay connected.

With “Active Aero Technology,” Chrysler claims the concept includes inductive charging tech with sensors that communicate with future sensors under the road to “charge the battery and provide unlimited range.”

The Chrysler Halcyon EV concept plans to use DWPT tech to wireless recharge over “specially equipped, dedicated road lanes, allowing for unlimited range.”

Chrysler’s new EV concept features a full suite of emerging Stellantis tech, including STLA SmartCockpit and STLA Autodrive.

The electric sports car includes several different drive modes for a personalized experience. For example, in Prepare Mode, a Stellantis virtual AI assistant prepares you for the day with upcoming events. It can also connect to smart devices like smartphones or home thermostats.

In Entry Mode, the vehicle uses facial biometrics for hands-free entry. It can also detect if you have a backpack to retract Stow ‘n Go seats for storage.

The Chrysler Halcyon concept (Source: Chrysler/ Youtube)

Meanwhile, Drive Mode allows you to sit back while the concept takes control using STLA AutoDrive Level 4 autonomous driving.

With Exit Mode, Chrysler’s EV concept can automatically park itself with smart lightning to communicate with pedestrians.

The vehicle is expected to use Lytens 800V lithium-sulfur EV batteries that will lower its carbon footprint by around 60%.

Chrysler will launch its first EV in 2025 as it moves toward an all-electric lineup by 2028. The Chrysler Halcyon EV concept is designed to showcase what the nearly 100-year-old brand wants to become.

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