Coinbase Integrates Lightning Network with Lightspark Partnership

Coinbase Integrates Lightning Network with Lightspark Partnership
Coinbase Integrates Lightning Network with Lightspark Partnership

Coinbase Partners with Lightspark to Integrate Bitcoin Lightning Network

To enhance the efficiency and affordability of Bitcoin transactions, Coinbase has collaborated with Lightspark to incorporate the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This partnership aims to provide customers with near-instantaneous and low-cost transactions.

Bitcoin Lightning Network: A Solution to Bitcoin's Limitations

The Bitcoin Lightning Network operates as a second-layer payment system built upon the Bitcoin blockchain. It was designed to overcome inherent limitations of the Bitcoin blockchain, particularly in transaction speed and cost.

Lightspark's Platform: An Enterprise-Grade Entry Point

Lightspark has dedicated almost two years to developing its platform, focusing on creating an enterprise-grade gateway to the Lightning Network. Through this partnership, Coinbase will leverage Lightspark's remote-key signing implementation, enabling the exchange to retain control over Lightning signing keys while Lightspark manages the node infrastructure.

Accelerating the Adoption of the Lightning Network

This collaboration is anticipated to significantly bolster the utilization of the Lightning Network, especially as Bitcoin prices and transaction fees on the primary network increase. Lightspark's technology, which includes an AI-powe

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