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Collector is like a Linux Version of Mac's DropOver - OMG! Ubuntu

If you’re looking for a way to more efficiently copy files on Linux, check out Collector.

Collector gives you a temporary holding space on which you can drag and drop multiple files, paste clipboard content, and drop web links to images (e.g., Google Images). You can take your time gathering content, and preview and edit your ‘stash’ as you go.

When ready you can drag all items out with a single click and drop them elsewhere. You could drop them to a folder on your file system, on to an app (if it supports opening them), or on to a web browser, e.g., a WhatsApp Web chat.

What’s especially great is you can open multiple Collector windows simultaneously (you need to create a custom shortcut) and assign each window a colour so you can tell which drop zone is which — that is nifty!

A temporary stash pad for content

If you press Alt when dragging content out of the Collector window the stash is cleared, but a regular drag out will leave the content there if you need/want to copy/move it again.

Features of Collector:

  • Drag and drop files/folders to copy
  • Preview and edit dropped items
  • Drop clipboard content using Ctrl + V
  • Run multiple Collector windows
  • Group text drops into a single CSV file
  • Downloads images dropped from web browsers
  • Press Alt when dragging to clear files

Is Collector is a Linux alternative to Dropover for macOS? Pretty much, though it does lack the latter tool’s fancier flourishes like ‘shake to activate’ — some may argue that’s a plus!

On GNOME 45 (i.e., Ubuntu 23.10) there is a companion GNOME Shell extension which allows the Collector window to ‘stay on top’ at all times, so you don’t need to manually focus it.

If you regularly need to work with, move, or copy an assortment of different files from different locations to a single end destination (be it a folder or even on to another app, then Collector is well worth checking out — it could save you time.

• Get Collector on Flathub


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