Cricut Design Space: Enhancements Needed for a Flawless Crafting Experience

Cricut Design Space: Enhancements Needed for a Flawless Crafting Experience
Cricut Design Space: Enhancements Needed for a Flawless Crafting Experience

Cricut Design Space, an indispensable tool for crafting enthusiasts, empowers users to create and modify designs with ease. However, despite its comprehensive features, it lacks several essential capabilities that would enhance its functionality significantly.

Eliminating Intrusive Subscription Prompts

Cricut Access, a paid subscription service, persistently prompts users to subscribe upon app launch. While the option to dismiss the prompt is available, it reappears every time the app is opened. This incessant reminder becomes an annoyance, particularly for non-subscribers. Implementing a feature that remembers the user's preference to suppress these prompts would greatly improve the user experience.

Enabling Deletion of Pattern Fills

When uploading custom artwork, users have the option to utilize it as an image or as a pattern fill. While uploaded images can be conveniently managed and deleted, pattern fills lack such functionality. This omission can lead to a clutte

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