Crypto Whale Goes Pup-Crazy, Accumulates Millions in Doggy Altcoin

Crypto Whale Goes Pup-Crazy, Accumulates Millions in Doggy Altcoin
Crypto Whale Goes Pup-Crazy, Accumulates Millions in Doggy Altcoin

A crypto whale has become the largest holder of a dog-themed altcoin, PUPS. The whale has accumulated $4.29 million worth of PUPS, a cartoony animal-themed meme token.

PUPS was originally created for Bitcoin Ordinals but also exists on the Solana blockchain.

The whale's latest purchase was worth more than half a million dollars, making the entity the largest holder of PUPS on Solana.

The whale also owns President Joe Biden-themed Jeo Boden (BODEN) and dog-themed dogwifhat (WIF).

Earlier this month, the firm witnessed Solana whales scooping up big discounts following a marketwide correction.

One Solana whale went in to accumulate sloth-themed Slerf (SLERF) and Pepe the Frog-themed Book of Meme (BOME) from crypto exchange Binance. Another deep-pocketed investor loaded up on BODEN using KuCoin.

Around the same time, four other whales panic-sold the bottom or close to the bottom of last week's correction, unloading a total of $12.41 million worth of WIF.

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