Exodus: Where Time Dilation Redefines Interstellar Travel

Exodus: Where Time Dilation Redefines Interstellar Travel
Exodus: Where Time Dilation Redefines Interstellar Travel

Exodus: A Hard Sci-Fi Space RPG with Time Dilation

Exodus, a new space RPG developed by former BioWare veterans, takes a scientifically accurate approach to interstellar travel. The game introduces the concept of Time Dilation, where time moves slower for those traveling close to the speed of light.

This principle is fundamental to Exodus' gameplay and narrative. Players will make choices that will have long-term consequences, spanning years, decades, or even centuries after their return from spacefaring adventures.

Time Dilation: An Inescapable Force

The developers emphasize that Time Dilation is an immutable law of physics in Exodus' universe. No items, abilities, or technologies can mitigate its effects. The game's "hard sci-fi" approach is rooted in Einsteinian physics, ensuring that players understand the true consequences of their actions.

Gates of Heaven: Accelerating to Near-Light Speed

To facilitate interstellar travel, Exodus introduces the Gates of Heaven, a hyper-advanced technology left behind by the Elohim. These Gates allow travelers to accelerate instantly to near-light speed, making interstellar distances manageable.

Narrative Intrigue and Potential Plot Points

The game's narrative hints at several intriguing plot points. The Elohim's absence from the galaxy, the potential vulnerability of the Gates, and the existence of a virus capable of damaging them all suggest a complex and engaging story.

Release and Platform Availability

While no release date has been announced, Exodus is planned for release on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, indicating a release within the next few years.

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