Fedora 40: A Kaleidoscope of Spins, Editions, and Enhancements

Fedora 40: A Kaleidoscope of Spins, Editions, and Enhancements
Fedora 40: A Kaleidoscope of Spins, Editions, and Enhancements

Fedora 40 offers a wider selection of spins and editions than ever before, including the GNOME-based Workstation edition, various desktop spins, Server, IoT, Cloud, and CoreOS editions, and more.

Fedora 40 Workstation features the latest GNOME version, utilizing Wayland by default.

All editions incorporate the most recent kernel 6.8. The GNOME edition showcases GNOME 46, while the KDE edition boasts the latest KDE Plasma 6, specifically version 6.0.3, with an exclusive Wayland session.

Fedora has also implemented the Atomic brand for its growing collection of immutable desktop distributions: Silverblue (GNOME), Kinoite (KDE Plasma), Sericea (Sway), and Onyx (Budgie).

Fedora aims to cater to software developers by providing tools for machine learning and large language model development, including PyTorch and AMD's ROCm framework.

Fedora IoT focuses on bootable containers using ostree and bootc.

The KDE edition features the most significant updates, with Plasma 6.0.3 and an exclusive Wayland session.

Developers can access the latest tool suites, including LLVM 18, GCC 14, binutils 2.41, glibc 2.39, gdb 14.1, Ruby 3.3, GoLang 1.22, PHP 8.3, PostgreSQL 16, Podman 5, and OpenJDK 21.

Fedora 40 utilizes RFC 5227 for IPv4 address conflict handling and has upgraded Wget to version 2. While DNF package manager version 5 is still being evaluated, several simplifications have been made to its file and metadata download processes.

Both GNOME and KDE editions exhibited smooth performance in virtual machines using the UTM hypervisor, albeit without sound. GNOME Workstation requires 1.3 GB of RAM and 3.5 GB of disk, while KDE 6 utilizes 1.5 GB of RAM and 4.1 GB of disk.

Overall, Fedora 40's changes are not significantly disruptive, reflecting Linux's maturity and transition away from low-end hardware support.

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