Ferry Fire Erupts Off Thailand, Passengers Jump for Safety

Ferry Fire Erupts Off Thailand, Passengers Jump for Safety
Ferry Fire Erupts Off Thailand, Passengers Jump for Safety

More than 100 people were onboard a ferry as it caught fire off the coast of southern Thailand on Thursday morning.

The ferry, an overnight service from Surat Thani to popular tourist island Koh Tao, was about to arrive at its destination when the fire began.

Some passengers had to jump into the sea to escape the fire, according to AP news agency. Authorities confirmed that there were no injuries.

One of the passengers, Maitree Promjampa, told AP that he first heard a crackling sound, then smelled smoke. Less than five minutes later he saw flames, causing those on board to start shouting and ring the alarm.

The cause of the fire has not been revealed.

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