FMD Network's Launch Hinges on iOS 17.5 Update

FMD Network's Launch Hinges on iOS 17.5 Update
FMD Network's Launch Hinges on iOS 17.5 Update

Google's Find My Device Network: Pending iOS 17.5 Update

Google's Find My Device (FMD) network, initially slated for release in mid-2023, has been delayed due to Apple's lack of support for unknown tracker alerts. However, with iOS 17.5's inclusion of this feature, FMD's launch is imminent.

iOS 17.5's Unknown Tracker Detection

The upcoming iOS 17.5 update introduces the ability for iPhones to detect and alert users to third-party trackers. Once detected, users will receive instructions on how to disable them. This feature is currently disabled in the beta version but is expected to be enabled in later iterations and the final release.

FMD's Reliance on iOS 17.5

Google has been awaiting Apple's implementation of tracker protections to ensure that FMD devices cannot be used to track iPhone owners without their knowledge. This has delayed FMD's launch, which relies on over a billion Android devices to crowdsource the location of missing devices, including those that are offline or lack location capabilities.

Delayed Tracker Tags and Capabilities

Due to Google's safety stance, several tracker tags and devices have been delayed in implementing FMD capabilities. As a result, phones and earbuds, such as Pixel Buds, have also been prevented from adding these features.

Expected Launch Timeline

Based on previous release schedules, iOS 17.5 is expected to launch in May. Once the update is widely adopted, Google's FMD network will be able to launch without any obstacles. Google has been waiting for Apple to implement these protections, indicating the importance of user privacy and safety in the tracking industry.


Google's Find My Device network is a significant development in the field of tracking technology, enabling the crowdsourcing of device locations to locate missing devices. With Apple's implementation of unknown tracker alerts in iOS 17.5, the launch of FMD is expected to be imminent, providing users with an enhanced level of security and peace of mind.

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