Ford's Electric Dominance: Surge to Second Place in US EV Market

Ford's Electric Dominance: Surge to Second Place in US EV Market
Ford's Electric Dominance: Surge to Second Place in US EV Market

Ford's EV Surge Secures Second Place in US Market

In a strong start to 2024, Ford Motor Company witnessed a remarkable 86% increase in electric vehicle sales during the first quarter. This growth propelled Ford to second place in the US EV market, trailing only Tesla. The surge in sales follows Ford's strategic decision to slash EV prices earlier this year.

Electric Vehicle Sales Dominated by Ford Models

The F-150 Lightning maintained its position as the best-selling electric pickup in America, with 7,743 units sold in Q1 2024. The Mustang Mach-E also experienced a significant surge in sales, climbing 77% year-over-year with 9,589 electric SUVs delive

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