From Skinny Fat to Fit: A Transformation Journey

From Skinny Fat to Fit: A Transformation Journey
From Skinny Fat to Fit: A Transformation Journey


  • I had "skinny fat" despite being slim, with a lot of weight around my middle.
  • I ate very little protein and fiber, snacking on unhealthy foods like crisps, chocolate, cheese, and crackers.
  • I drank a lot of prosecco, double gin and tonics, and other alcoholic beverages.


  • I lost 10 cm around my waist, gained muscle, and improved my overall health.
  • I started eating a healthy diet with plenty of protein and fiber, including grilled chicken, pan-fried tuna steaks, salmon fillets, and whey isolate protein shakes.
  • I followed a 5-day gym program with full-body weight sessions and started swimming regularly.
  • I

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