Galaxy S20 Security Downgrade: Quarterly Updates Raise Concerns

Galaxy S20 Security Downgrade: Quarterly Updates Raise Concerns
Galaxy S20 Security Downgrade: Quarterly Updates Raise Concerns

Samsung Security Update: Important Notice for Galaxy Users

Samsung has released its April security update, bringing crucial security patches and device improvements. However, there is a significant concern for millions of Galaxy S20 users.

Quarterly Updates for S20 Devices

Samsung has announced that S20 devices will now receive quarterly security updates instead of monthly ones. This means that these devices will miss out on critical security patches in the coming months. This change has raised concerns about the security of S20 devices, as they will be more vulnerable to malware and exploits.

Unfavorable Comparison to Apple

This decision by Samsung has highlighted the disparity in security updates between Android and iOS devices. Apple's iPhone receives regular and timely security updates, regardless of the device model or age. This consistent approach to security is a major advantage for iOS users.

Security Patch Details

Samsung's security update includes patches for both Android and Samsung-specific vulnerabilities. Four of the Samsung patches are rated as high-risk, allowing for arbitrary code execution. However, Samsung emphasizes that these vulnerabilities require physical access to the device, not remote malware.

The Android update includes a critical patch that addresses a memory corruption issue in the Qualcomm chipset. This patch is especially important as it could potentially lead to unauthorized access to the device.

Other Updates

In addition to security patches, the April update also includes the One UI 6.1 update for eligible devices. This update brings new features and improvements to the user interface. The update also includes fixes for the S24 camera.

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