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Google redesigns in-app feedback tool on Android and iOS [Gallery]

The “Send feedback” tool found in every Google mobile app recently received a redesign to provide a more step-by-step experience that’s somewhat conversational. 

Google places “Help & feedback” in most applications near settings. It can be found either in the navigation drawer or account menu. After a list of popular help articles, “Send feedback” is listed. 

Previously, this opened a fullscreen UI with an account picker and large text field, as well as the ability to attach a Screenshot and System logs. 

This redesign makes use of a “Send feedback to Google” that summarizes the process: Answer a few questions, Edit your screenshot, and Share your feedback. In the case of the Play Store, Google asks whether you’re trying to “Report an issue” or “Suggest an idea.” 

If you pick the former, options include: 

  • Download/install an app
  • Make in-app purchase
  • Get a refund
  • Report charges
  • Buy or subscribe to content
  • Buy or use a gift card
  • Other

You then get the text field with voice input offered and the ability to attach a screenshot (with editing tools). The last step — it will automatically be sent after this — is whether Google can “email you for more information or updates.”  

We’re seeing this redesign of feedback available in most Android and some iOS apps, including Gmail, Google Play, Search, and Gemini. It’s not yet live in Google Messages, while the online experience (side panel) is unchanged.

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New vs. old

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