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How to Add a Relationship to a Mac Contact - Make Tech Easier

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If you frequently use Siri to call or message contacts on your iOS or Mac devices, you can quickly add a relationship to a Mac contact, which provides an additional way to easily access them. For example, you can specify that “Monika” is your wife, and then instead of saying, “Siri, call Monika,” you can simply say, “Siri, call my wife.”

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions described below to add a relationship to any Apple contact.

Good to know: if you merge two macOS accounts, it’ll also merge your contacts. Best to get that sorted before you edit your contacts.

The easiest method to add a relationship to a contact is by using Siri, described below:

Open up Siri on your Mac by either the Dock or Spotlight. Alternatively, you can click on the Siri logo on the top-right of your Mac’s display. If you have “Hey, Siri” enabled, you can easily access that way as well.

Specify the name of the contact and your relationship in a single sentence to Siri. For example, I’ll specify Monika as my wife: “Siri, Monika is my wife.”

Add relationship to Mac contact

Siri should automatically understand and confirm whether the contact you specified is correct or not.

Once you reply Yes, it’ll automatically update the contact’s details accordingly.

Confirm relationship added to Mac contact

The second method to add a relationship to a contact is using the Contacts app. Although this method is a bit lengthier, it’ll allow you to gain a better understanding of how exactly a relationship is added to your contact. You can also remove it in the future by using the same method and erasing the relationship.

The method is described below:

Open the Contacts app on your Mac. You can do this from the dock or Spotlight.

Select your own contact card. It’ll be on the top of the list.

macOS contacts book edit

Click on Edit and then +.

Add new contact information on macOS contacts app

Click on More Fields, and then select Related Name.

Select new field relationship status on macOS contacts app

Enter the name of the contact (the relationship) and specify the relationship from the list on the left.

Select relationship for macOS contact
All images and screenshots by Mark O’Neill.
Add name to Relationship status on Mac contact

Once done, your relationship will be added to your contact. You can also click Custom to add another label to your contact that isn’t included in the list of relationships.

Make custom relationship status for macOS Contact

So if you don’t like Spouse for example, you can swap it for Husband or Wife.

make custom relationship label for macOS contact

Using this method you can specify a relationship for a contact and use Siri to easily call or message the contact. You can also use both methods detailed here to remove a relationship.

macOS Sonoma makes it extremely simple to add a relationship to a Mac contact, as well as editing or removing those relationships if necessary.

There are other things you can do to fix, edit, or share contacts on MacOS and iOS. You can share contacts on the iPhone and fix contact names in iOS to name two.

Image credit: Canva. All screenshots by Mark O’Neill.

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Mark O'Neill is a freelance tech journalist, editor, and bestselling spy fiction author. Originally from Scotland, he now lives in Germany with his wife and his dog.


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