How to Join the freeCodeCamp Discord Server and Chat with Fellow Campers

How to Join the freeCodeCamp Discord Server and Chat with Fellow Campers

freeCodeCamp runs a popular Discord community where we hang out and chat about technology.

You can join in the fun and learn from fellow campers who are going through freeCodeCamp's core curriculum.

You can use this link:

If you don't already have a Discord account, this will walk you through creating real quick.

Here are some common things people use the freeCodeCamp Discord for:

  1. Getting help when they're stuck. You can ask programming questions here in the Programming Help channel.

  2. Practicing their English. We love teaching English and helping people improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. You can hang out in the English for Developer channel.

  3. Taking the 100DaysOfCode Challenge. This is a popular coding challenge where you code at least 30 minutes each day for 100 days in a row, and encourage other people who are doing the same. This was originally a Twitter challenge, but has now become popular on Discord, too. Read more about 100DaysOfCode.

Again, here's the link for joining the freeCodeCamp Discord. See you there. 🏕️

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