iOS 17.5: Empowering Users Against Unwanted Tracking

iOS 17.5: Empowering Users Against Unwanted Tracking
iOS 17.5: Empowering Users Against Unwanted Tracking

iOS 17.5: Enhanced Anti-Stalking Measures

Apple, in collaboration with Google, is introducing a new system in iOS 17.5 to combat unwanted tracking accessories. This system aims to protect users from individuals using devices like AirTags to stalk them.

Detecting and Disabling Tracking Accessories

The new features in iOS 17.5 will enable the identification and disabling of tracking accessories, regardless of whether they are Apple- or Find My-certified. The system will alert users to these devices and provide instructions on how to disable them.

Industry Collaboration

Several companies, including Samsung, Tile, and Chipolo, have expressed support for this initiative. The goal is to create a universal system that detects and alerts users about unwanted tracking devices across various platforms.

Current Capabilities and Future Enhancements

iOS currently has the ability to detect unwanted Bluetooth location-tracking devices, but only those certified by Find My. The upcoming iOS 17.5 update will expand this capability to include non-certified devices. Additionally, an Android app is available for detecting AirTags.

iOS 17.5 and Other Updates

While iOS 17.5 beta 1 does not include significant changes, it is expected to be released to the public in May alongside new iPad models and accessories. Other notable updates related to this topic include hints at a new "squeeze" gesture for the Apple Pencil 3, a new AirTag firmware update, and a class action lawsuit against Apple over AirTag stalking.

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