Local LLMs Take Flight in Opera's Experimental Browser

Local LLMs Take Flight in Opera's Experimental Browser
Local LLMs Take Flight in Opera's Experimental Browser

Opera's AI Feature Drop Program has introduced experimental support for running large language models (LLMs) locally on the Opera One Developer browser. This adds 150 LLMs from various families, including LLaMA and Gemma, to the browser.

Unlike chatbots such as Microsoft's Copilot and OpenAI's ChatGPT, which rely on internet connectivity, Opera's local LLMs keep data on users' PCs. This eliminates the need for an internet connection during use, except for initial LLM download.

Opera envisions potential use cases for these local LLMs, where the browser could utilize AI solutions based on user input while keeping data on the device. However, the privacy implications of a browser-based LLM retaining significant data may be a concern.

The local LLM feature is still in its experimental phase and may encounter glitches. As such, Opera has not yet announced a timeline for its integration into the regular Opera One browser.

Despite potential limitations in speed and storage requirements, Opera One Developer is the first browser to offer local LLM support. It joins a select group of solutions that bring LLMs locally to PCs, such as Nvidia's ChatWithRTX chatbot.

While it may seem paradoxical that an internet browser provides AI chatbots that do not require internet connectivity, this innovation demonstrates the growing availability of local LLM solutions.

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