McKinsey's Bold Offer: Exit Packages for Underperformers

McKinsey's Bold Offer: Exit Packages for Underperformers
McKinsey's Bold Offer: Exit Packages for Underperformers

McKinsey's Offer to Underperformers: A Path to Transition

In a move that has raised eyebrows, global consulting giant McKinsey & Co. has extended an unusual offer to a portion of its employees deemed to be underperforming. The company will provide these individuals with nine months of continued salary and career counseling services to facilitate their departure from the firm.

While the exact number of employees receiving this offer remains unclear, McKinsey's headcount reportedly stands at 45,000, with approximately 3,000 having received unsatisfactory performance reviews in recent months. The offer has been extended to both UK and US employees, albeit with potential variations in details.

This move comes amid a broader slowdown in the management consulting industry, with McKinsey having

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