Meta Horizon OS: Expanding VR Beyond Quest Headsets

Meta Horizon OS: Expanding VR Beyond Quest Headsets
Meta Horizon OS: Expanding VR Beyond Quest Headsets

Meta has announced that its VR OS, now called Horizon OS, will work on devices beyond the Quest. Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft are already coming on board as partners.

Meta's OS will be open to third parties, and future headsets will all be able to connect via the same Meta Quest app on iOS and Android that currently exists – but its name will be changing to Meta Horizon.

Asus is making a "performance based" VR gaming headset under its Republic of Gamers brand. Lenovo is also onboard for upcoming Meta Horizon OS-compatible VR devices. According to Meta, Lenovo's headsets will focus on "productivity, learning, and entertainment."

Meanwhile, there will also be an Xbox-branded Meta Quest coming as a limited edition, "inspi

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