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Microsoft Head Transformed His Entire Cabin With The Apple Vision Pro, Turning A Boring 16-Hour Flight Into An Entertainment Paradise

The Apple Vision Pro can turn into your best friend onboard a boring flight, as demonstrated by a Microsoft executive. During an excruciatingly long journey lasting 16 hours from Seattle to Dubai, the AR headset owner revealed that you can transform your entire cabin into an entertainment hub. However, the software giant’s executive does point out some caveats of using the bulky contraption for extended periods, with additional details discussed here.

As expected, the Apple Vision Pro is a bit uncomfortable to use, which wearers have to get used to onboard a 16-hour flight

Even though the Apple Vision Pro lasts for around two hours during everyday use on a single charge, Microsoft Word head Omar Shahine demonstrated that the $3,499 headset can easily be mounted on your head enroute a long and exhausting flight. Flying business class in Emirates’ Boeing 777 aircraft, he successfully transformed his entire cabin into a gigantic screen and loved the entire experience. Connecting to the Wi-Fi service did not come with any difficulties, with Omar stating that he was ‘blown away by the experience.’

He has shared a few images showing what it is like using the Apple Vision Pro just in case buyers are skeptical about forking over massive sums of money, only to be left disappointed by their purchase. Even though in-flight entertainment systems have improved over the years, having an unrestricted, three-dimensional screen for media consumption and web browsing brings unrivaled competition.

Of course, this recent 16-hour expedition does not mean that Boeing will start replacing their in-flight entertainment systems with Apple Vision Pro units anytime soon, but we do get a small glimpse of what the future will be like. However, with this superb experience come a few caveats. Given the massive size of the Apple Vision Pro, Omar has complained that the headset can become too comfortable to use and hopes he gets used to it.

His ‘feedback’ is parallel to various other headset owners, who have spoken about the same drawbacks, giving sufficient information to Apple to use in its next iteration, whenever that may be. For those who think that an airplane’s in-flight entertainment system is too mainstream, the Apple Vision Pro is definitely the product for you.

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