Nobuo Uematsu's Potential Return to Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy

Nobuo Uematsu's Potential Return to Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy
Nobuo Uematsu's Potential Return to Final Fantasy VII Remake Trilogy

Nobuo Uematsu, the legendary composer behind the musical scores of the Final Fantasy series, has expressed his willingness to return for the final installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. In a recent video interview, Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura proposed a "gentleman's agreement" for Uematsu's involvement.

Despite rumors of his retirement, Uematsu affirmed his honor in accepting the offer. However, he emphasized that his contribution would be limited to the main theme, as he no longer has the stamina to compose an entire game soundtrack.

Uematsu's involvement in the third game is not yet official, but his agreement marks a significant step towards his potential return. His presence would be a nostalgic tribute to the composer who has been instrumental in shaping the musical identity of Final Fantasy.

Uematsu's decision stems from a sense of fulfillment he experienced while composing the main theme for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He recognized the limitations imposed by his age and the demanding nature of the development process.

However, Uematsu acknowledged the joy he found in contributing to the series once again. He expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in the Final Fantasy universe.

Nomura echoed Uematsu's sentiments, acknowledging the physical and mental toll of game development. He jokingly expressed his desire to complete the "absolute marathon" of projects.

The third installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy does not have a confirmed release date. However, the potential return of Nobuo Uematsu as the composer of the main theme would undoubtedly add an emotional resonance to the highly anticipated conclusion.

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