Notcoin Launch Delayed: Perfect Preparation Postpones Potential Peril

Notcoin Launch Delayed: Perfect Preparation Postpones Potential Peril
Notcoin Launch Delayed: Perfect Preparation Postpones Potential Peril

The NOT token launch for the popular Telegram-based game Notcoin was originally scheduled for April 20th, coinciding with the Bitcoin halving. However, the team announced a delay, citing the need for more time to ensure a smooth launch.

Sasha Plotvinov, founder of Open Builders, explained that the original target date of April 20th was appealing due to its numerical significance and its proximity to the Bitcoin halving. However, the team realized that they needed more time to prepare for the potential influx of millions of players trying to claim the token simultaneously.

"We realized that having literally like 35 million people that want to go on-chain and do some stuff is a really, really challenging task," Plotvinov said. "You have to make sure that on the one hand, you will not ruin everything—you know, that the blockchain will work, infrastructure will work, wallets, whatever, at the same time."

"You cannot limit users, or you cannot afford to allow some people to mint tokens and then the rest wait until everything will start working again," he continued. "We realized that there are a bunch of things we need to do before the actual listing to make it as smooth as possible."

The Notcoin team now expects the token to launch at the end of April. Plotvinov emphasized the importance of thorough preparation for a successful launch.

"From our perspective, the end of April is perfect still. I don't really care about moving it a little bit further, to be honest. The better preparation we have, the better," Plotvinov said. "I don't think that everyone would like to rush here."

The Notcoin launch is anticipated to be a significant test for The Open Network (TON), originally created by Telegram. Plotvinov noted that the launch of pre-market vouchers was an early test, but the main event is still to come.

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