OnePlus Unveils AI Eraser and Plans for AI-Powe

OnePlus Unveils AI Eraser and Plans for AI-Powe
OnePlus Unveils AI Eraser and Plans for AI-Powe

OnePlus Embraces Generative AI with "AI Eraser" and Future Features

OnePlus is venturing into the realm of generative AI, introducing the "AI Eraser" tool to select OnePlus devices this month. This feature leverages advanced algorithms to seamlessly remove unwanted objects from photos, similar to Google's Magic Eraser and Samsung's editing suite.

AI Eraser will be available within the OnePlus Photos gallery app on the following devices:

  • OnePlus 12
  • OnePlus 12R
  • OnePlus 11
  • OnePlus Nord CE 4

OnePlus demonstrated the tool's capabilities with before and after examples, showcasing its ability to fill in gaps created by object removal, blending the background seamlessly.

Future AI Enhancements on the Horizon

OnePlus has hinted at additional AI features to be introduced later this year, potentially expanding upon the AI capabilities launched earlier in China. These may include automated article summaries and phone call summaries.

Benefits of AI Eraser

AI Eraser empowers users to easily eliminate distractions from their photos, enhancing their visual appeal and preserving important moments. It's particularly useful for removing unwanted background elements, such as pedestrians, trash, or blemishes, without compromising the overall image quality.

OnePlus's embrace of generative AI is a testament to the growing importance of this technology in smartphone photography. It allows users to manipulate and enhance their images in ways that were previously impossible, opening up new possibilities for creative expression and image optimization.

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