Paper Mills Flood Science Journals, Costing Millions

Paper Mills Flood Science Journals, Costing Millions
Paper Mills Flood Science Journals, Costing Millions

Fake studies have flooded publishers of top scientific journals, leading to thousands of retractions and millions of dollars in lost revenue, The Wall Street Journal reports. The biggest hit has come to Wiley, which is closing 19 journals, some of which were infected by large-scale research fraud. The sources of the fake science are “paper mills” — businesses or individuals that, for a price, will list a scientist as an author of a wholly or partially fabricated paper. The mill submits the work, generally avoiding the most prestigious journals in favor of publications such as one-off special editions that might not undergo as thorough a review and where there is a better chance of getting bogus work published.

A U.S. lawmaker is accusing Amgen of “putting profits before patients” over its decision to continue marketing a high dose of a pricey cancer treatment instead of a lower dose that is less expensive and not as toxic to patients, STAT reports. At issue is a medication called Lumakras, which is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer and which won conditional regulatory approval three years ago. At the time, the Food and Drug Administration requi

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