Persimmon's Nutritional Powerhouse: Vitamins, Minerals, and Health Benefits

Persimmon's Nutritional Powerhouse: Vitamins, Minerals, and Health Benefits
Persimmon's Nutritional Powerhouse: Vitamins, Minerals, and Health Benefits

Nutritional Profile of Persimmon

A 100-gram serving of persimmon contains:


Vitamin A55 mcg
Vitamin C15 mg
Vitamin E0.3 mg


Potassium210 mg
Magnesium12 mg
Phosphorus17 mg

Health Benefits of Persimmon

  • Sharpened vision (due to vitamin A and antioxidants)
  • Strengthened immunity (due to vitamin C)
  • Improved digestion (due to high fiber content)
  • Supported heart health (due to fiber, antioxidants, and potassium)
  • Potentially beneficial for blood sugar control (due to fiber)

Recommended Consumption Methods

  • Fresh: sliced in salads, yogurt parfaits, or as a snack
  • Baked: in muffins, pies, or other desserts
  • Dried: as a concentrated nutrient source and convenient snack

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