Picasso's IBC Breakthrough: Unlocking Cross-Chain Interoperability with Ethereum

Picasso's IBC Breakthrough: Unlocking Cross-Chain Interoperability with Ethereum
Picasso's IBC Breakthrough: Unlocking Cross-Chain Interoperability with Ethereum

Picasso Integrates IBC Protocol with Ethereum, Enabling Cross-Blockchain Interoperability

Picasso Network, a leading interoperability and staking hub, has successfully integrated the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol with Ethereum. This breakthrough enables native asset and data transfer between Ethereum and the Cosmos Hub, Polkadot, and Kusama via IBC. Additional chains, including Solana, are planned for integration in the near future.

Traditional bridging protocols rely on insecure methods like lock and mint or lock and burn. Alternatively, some blockchains introduce trust assumptions through third-party overseers. Native bridging, as implemented by IBC, is widely regarded as the most secure approach for inter-blockchain transactions.

IBC, originating from the Cosmos ecosystem, facilitates the native bridging of tokens, messages, and accounts. To implement IBC on Ethereum, the Picasso team modified IBC and created an IBC stack on Ethereum.

The Ethereum-IBC connection involves two light clients, known as relayers. These relayers are responsible for transmitting IBC packets between Ethereum and connected chains.

Pioneer in Cross-Chain Interoperability

Henry Love, Executive Director of Composable Foundation, the organization behind Picasso, expressed his excitement about this milestone: "We have achieved a groundbreaking advance in cross-chain interoperability, fulfilling our commitment to bring the highest level of security to bridging."

Osmosis as a Gateway for Ethereum Assets

Osmosis, a prominent decentralized exchange in the Cosmos ecosystem, will serve as the primary destination for Ethereum assets and liquidity within Cosmos.

Aaron Kong, a growth and strategy contributor at Osmosis, emphasized the importance of cross-chain connectivity: "Connecting Cosmos with Ethereum represents both a technical milestone and a significant improvement in user experience and functionality for DeFi."


The integration of IBC with Ethereum by Picasso Network marks a significant step towards seamless interoperability between blockchains. This advancement opens up new possibilities for cross-chain collaboration and the creation of a unified and secure DeFi ecosystem.

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