Pig Kidney Transplant Success: A New Hope for End-Stage Kidney Disease

Pig Kidney Transplant Success: A New Hope for End-Stage Kidney Disease
Pig Kidney Transplant Success: A New Hope for End-Stage Kidney Disease

Just over two weeks after doctors placed a genetically edited kidney from a pig inside Richard Slayman, the 62-year-old is recovering at home and relishing “one of the happiest moments” of his life.

On March 16, Slayman became the first living person to receive such a transplant.

In a statement, the hospital confirmed that Slayman had been discharged and was “recovering well.”

“This moment — leaving the hospital today with one of the cleanest bills of health I’ve had in a long time — is one I wished would come for many years,” Slayman said in a statement released by the hospital. “Now, it’s a reality and one of the happiest moments of my life.”

Slayman, who works for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, battled kidney disease for more than a decade. He had gone on dialysis and survived a human kidney transplant in 2018 but had since grown desperately ill.

As doctors planned the surgery, they were requi

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