Pipx: The App Marketplace for Python Developers

Pipx: The App Marketplace for Python Developers
Pipx: The App Marketplace for Python Developers

Pipx: Install and Execute Python Applications with Ease

Pipx, a powerful tool for Python developers, simplifies the distribution and execution of desktop and command-line applications.

Turning PyPI into an App Marketplace

PyPI, the Python Package Index, has traditionally hosted third-party Python libraries. With pipx, you can transform PyPI into an app store, enabling you to:

  • Install Python Apps Globally: Install Python packages in isolated virtual environments, creating symbolic links for entry points.
  • Run Single-Use Python Apps: Quickly execute Python scripts without installing or managing virtual environments.

Dependency Management and Package Control

Pipx provides robust dependency management capabilities:

  • Inject Dependencies: Add extra dependencies to managed virtual environments.
  • Uninject Dependencies: Remove unnecessary dependencies from virtual environments.
  • Control Python Version: Override the default Python interpreter when installing or reinstalling applications.

Managing Installed Apps

Pipx allows for efficient management of installed applications:

  • List Installed Apps: View a list of installed apps and their associated virtual environments.
  • Upgrade Apps: Update installed packages to their latest versions.
  • Downgrade Apps: Revert to specific versions of installed packages.
  • Uninstall Apps: Remove applications along with their virtual environments.

Advanced Features

  • Change Python Version in Existing Environments: Reinstall applications with a different Python version.
  • Reinstall All Apps: Upgrade or downgrade all installed apps simultaneously.
  • Run pip Commands in Virtual Environments: Execute custom pip commands within app environments using pipx runpip.

Getting Started

  • Install pipx via pip or your operating system's package manager.
  • Configure pipx by adding the necessary folder paths to your PATH environment variable.
  • Use pipx to install and run Python applications.


Pipx empowers Python developers by providing an easy and efficient way to install, execute, and manage command-line and desktop Python applications. It eliminates dependency conflicts, enables the creation of throw-away applications, and streamlines application management.

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