Rate Limiting: A Shield for Servers in Node.js

Rate Limiting: A Shield for Servers in Node.js
Rate Limiting: A Shield for Servers in Node.js


Rate limiting is a crucial technique for managing the number of requests a client can make to a server in a specified time frame. It is essential for protecting servers from abuse and ensuring the performance and availability of online services.

Why Implement Rate Limiting in Node.js?

Implementing rate limiting in Node.js is crucial for maintaining the stability, security, and fair usage of applications. It helps:

  • Prevent Server Overloads: By limiting the frequency of requests, you can prevent malicious users or automated scripts from overloading your server.
  • Mitigate DoS Attacks: Rate limiting can defend against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks by restricting the number of requests from a single source.
  • Enforce Usage Limits: For applications with paid plans or tie

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