Roaring Kitty's Enigma: Meme Messiah Returns or Prankster's Folly?

Roaring Kitty's Enigma: Meme Messiah Returns or Prankster's Folly?
Roaring Kitty's Enigma: Meme Messiah Returns or Prankster's Folly?

Is GameStop Trader Roaring Kitty Actually Back—Or Are We Being Punked?

After years of silence, Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty, a prominent meme stock influencer, has resurfaced online. His Twitter account has reactivated, posting movie clips with finance-related captions. This has sparked a surge in GME stock, AMC stock, and a Solana meme coin called GME.

However, there is uncertainty surrounding Gill's return. His Twitter account has not posted any recent photos or videos of him, and his YouTube and Reddit accounts remain dormant.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding Gill’s apparent resurfacing, tweets from
the Roaring Kitty Twitter account have sparked a stock market and crypto
phenomenon. GME stock nearly quadrupled in value within a period of two days,
before falling back to earth this morning. AMC,
another popular meme stock, followed roughly the same trajectory. 

A Solana meme coin called GME, meanwhile, surged to all-time highs yesterday
the development, before slipping today. Those moves have collectively generated
several billions of dollars worth of value. 

The confusion has been further fueled by digital artist Shl0ms, who claimed to have purchased Roaring Kitty's Twitter account from Gill. Some Twitter users have questioned the authenticity of this claim.

Gill himself has not made any public statements since his Twitter account reactivated, leaving room for doubt and potential pranks.

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