Safety Shakeup at X as Musk Clash Continues

Safety Shakeup at X as Musk Clash Continues
Safety Shakeup at X as Musk Clash Continues

X's Safety Leadership Changes Amid Clash with Elon Musk

X has appointed Kylie McRoberts as its new head of safety, filling the role vacated by Ella Irwin in June 2023. Irwin's resignation followed criticism from CEO Elon Musk over her team's decision to restrict a documentary deemed transphobic.

McRoberts' appointment comes after a series of departures from X's safety team, including former head of brand safety AJ Brown and ex-safety chief Yoel Roth, who also clashed with Musk over content moderation policies.

McRoberts' Background and Responsibilities

McRoberts previously led initiatives at X aimed at enhancing transparency in moderation practices and improving security. As head of safety, she will oversee a global team tasked with ensuring compliance with existing laws and protecting the platform and its community.

Focus on Content Moderation

Despite X's public stance on defending freedom of speech, it is evident that McRoberts' team will prioritize certain forms of content moderation. The company has c

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