Schleswig-Holstein: Embracing Open Source, Ditching Windows

Schleswig-Holstein: Embracing Open Source, Ditching Windows
Schleswig-Holstein: Embracing Open Source, Ditching Windows

German state switches to LibreOffice, promises Windows move

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany's northernmost state, is transitioning from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice and plans to move from Windows to Linux on its 30,000 local government PCs.

Minister-President Daniel Gunther announced the decision, citing independence as a key motivation for adopting open source software.

"Schleswig-Holstein will be a digital pioneer region and the first state to introduce a digitally sovereign IT workplace in its state administration," Gunther said.

Data security concerns, particularly regarding data transfer to other countries, also influenced the decision. The hardware requirements for Windows 11 were also mentioned as a factor.

The transition is ahead of schedule, with LibreOffice expected to be deployed on all 25,000 PCs by the end of 2026. No timeline has been set for the Windows 10 replacement, and multiple Linux distros are under consideration.

Schleswig-Holstein's open source strategy also includes switching to an open source office software suite, operating system, email servers, directory, and telephony software.

Mike Saunders of The Document Foundation stated that the LibreOffice transition is mandatory and part of a larger shift to free and open source software, including Linux and other alternatives.

Saunders also noted that LiMux, a previous Linux adoption attempt in Munich, faced technical challenges but has since matu

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