School Cafeterias Battle Fast Food Giants for Workers After Minimum Wage Hike

School Cafeterias Battle Fast Food Giants for Workers After Minimum Wage Hike
School Cafeterias Battle Fast Food Giants for Workers After Minimum Wage Hike

California schools forced to compete with fast food industry for workers after minimum wage hike

California's new $20-per-hour minimum wage for fast food workers could impact public schools, forcing districts to compete with the likes of McDonald's and Wendy's for cafeteria workers amid a state budget crunch.

The minimum wage law, which took effect Monday, guarantees at least $20-per-hour for workers at fast food restaurant chains with at least 60 locations nationwide. That doesn't include school food service workers, historically some of the lowest-paid workers in public education.

Yet demand for school meals is higher than ever in California, the first state to guarantee free meals for all students regardless of their family's income. And demand is projected to fuel an increase of more than 70 million extra meals in California schools this year compa

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